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Pedup Dukpa


Law, Science & Technology;

Intellectual Property;

Arts, Sports and Entertainment Law;

Legal Research and Writing

Research Methodologies


Pedup Dukpa is a Lecturer at JSW School of Law. Upon joining JSW Law, he worked closely with Paro College of Education to establish a continuous in-service professional development program for the entire JSW Law faculty on course design and in-class pedagogical methods. He also independently developed an upper-class elective course on Research Methods. He also contributed as a co-editor to the inaugural volume of the Journal of Gross National Happiness and Law, published by JSW Law in early 2021. Currently, he teaches a series of mandatory courses on Legal Research and Writing and an elective course on Research Methods.

Before joining JSW Law, Dukpa served for more than ten years as a Senior Research Officer in Royal Education Council (REC) – a research think-tank organisation – specialising in national curriculum development, educational research, and teacher training. In REC, he was instrumental in conducting numerous nationwide studies on education. He helped organise the first historic National School Curriculum Conference in 2016 and a seminar on Top Performing Schools in 2018. He was regularly called upon and served as a member of numerous national task forces and expert groups in various high-level committees and working groups of the Ministry of Education, Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment, and Royal Education Council. 

Before REC, Dukpa taught two mathematics modules, MAT 3409: Teaching of Mathematics and MAT 3508 Descriptive Statistics, at Paro College of Education, to the Bachelor of Education students. He also taught the national mathematics curriculum to grade 9 and 11 students at Motithang Higher Secondary School. He actively participated in the creation, administration, and evaluation of tests and other assessments at the college and school levels to make learning more visible.

Dukpa is an LL.M. graduate (’22) of Penn State University with three specialisations: Law, Science, and Technology; Intellectual Property; and Arts, Sports, and Entertainment Law. He received a full tuition scholarship from Penn State University and monthly stipend support from JSW Law. He also is a Trent University alumnus after completing his B.Sc. Maths Honours (’08). He received a full scholarship from the Royal Government of Bhutan based on academic merit to study at Trent University in Canada. In 2018, he was selected as the primary nominee by Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) for the first Fulbright Master’s Fellowship offered to Bhutan. The RCSC also awarded him a Bronze Medal for more than ten years of dedicated service to the Tsa-Wa-Sum, King, Country, and People, of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Areas of Interest

  • Law, Science and Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sports and Entertainment Law 
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Research and Writing


List of Some Publications:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Gross National Happiness: Can AI strengthen GNH in Bhutan? (2022). Awaiting publication.
  • Bhutan’s Energy Policies and Gross National Happiness (2022). Awaiting publication.
  • The Journal of Gross National Happiness and Law, (February 2021). ISSN 2710-3226. [Co-editor of the Inaugural Journal of GNH & Law].
  • National STEM Olympiad: Programme and Guidelines (2020). [External review member to the working committee, also was external paper examiner and editor].
  • National Education Assessment Framework (2019). ISBN 978-99936-883-8-9. [National Review Team and Expert Review Group Member].
  • Review of UNESCO ASPnet Schools in Bhutan (2019).  [Lead Researcher for commissioned study by Bhutan National Commission for UNESCO].
  • Needs Assessment on Differentiated Curriculum in Science and Mathematics (2019). ISBN 978-99936-0-478-5. [Lead researcher].
  • Status of Disaster Risk Reduction in Bhutanese Schools: Findings of the nationwide study (2018). ISBN 978-99936-0-460-0. [Lead researcher, study commissioned by Save the Children].
  • Disaster Risk Management in School Curriculum (2018). [Member of Writers Group, assignment funded by Save the Children].
  • Needs assessment of Classes 9-12 Science Teachers: To inform the development of the orientation programme (2018). [Lead researcher].
  • Diversification of Arts Education: Feasibility of introductory Performing Arts in Bhutanese Schools (2018). [Lead researcher].
  • REC Operational Framework (2017). ISBN 978-99936-0-450-1. [Task Force Member/Co-author].
  • Research Policy and Procedure (2017). ISBN 978-99936-0-452-5. [Lead researcher].
  • A practical guide to Action Research: Enhancing professional practice of Bhutanese Teachers (2017). ISBN 978-99936-0-448-8. [Task Force Member/Co-author].
  • Non-Formal Education Program Review Report: Findings from a cross-sectional study on the NFE Program (2016). ISBN 978-99936-776-7-3. [Lead researcher for commissioned study by Ministry of Education].
  • Independent Review of Central and Autonomous Schools in Bhutan (2016). [Overall direction and coordination, data analyst, and one of the authors].
  • Review of Classes 3 and 6 year-end examinations (2016). ISBN 978-99936-718-6-2. [Lead researcher for commissioned study by BCSEA].
  • National School Curriculum Conference Report (2016). ISBN 9789-99936-0-451-8. [Overall direction and coordination, data analyst and principal author for the documentation of the historic first National Curriculum Conference in Bhutan].
  • Bhutanese student’s attitude towards mathematics: Findings from a cross-sectional survey of grade six students (2015). RABSEL, the CERD Educational Journal, 16 (2), 37-56.
  • Bhutan Education Blueprint 2014-2024: Rethinking Education (2014). ISBN 978-99936-776-3-5. [National Task Force Member, worked as drafting team, member of team responsible for questionnaire development, team supervisor for data collection and as data analyst for the study].
  • Bhutanese student’s attitude towards mathematics (2014). ISBN 978-99936-923-7-9. [primary author for the nationwide study].
  • Bhutan’s Annual Status of Student Learning (ASSL) (2011). [Member of REC Team responsible for data collection and analysis for Mathematics learning in grade 4,6 and 8].
  • Teacher Education Institute: PGDE Curriculum (2011). [co-author for Mathematics course and modules].
  • Teacher Education Institute: Design, Planning & Sustainability Strategy (2011). [Member of the Teacher Education Unit].
  • Teacher Education Institute: Policy Manual. (2011). [Member of the Teacher Education Unit].
  • Teacher Education Institute: Master Plan. (2010). [Member of the Teacher Education Unit].
  • Teacher Quality Enhancement Project: Policy Guideline and Strategic Plan (2010). [Part of the Bhutan contributing team].
  • ual Status of Student Learning (ASSL) (2011). [Contributing member for Mathematics learning in grade 4,6 and 8].
  • Teacher Education Institute: Design, Planning & Sustainability Strategy (2011). [Member of the Teacher Education Unit].
  • Teacher Education Institute: Policy Manual. (2011). [Task Force Member].
  • Teacher Education Institute: Master Plan. (2010). [Task Force Member].


  • Research Methodologies, Fall 2022
  • Legal Writing and Research, Fall 2022
  • Legal Composition and Rhetoric, Spring 2020
  • Research Methods, Spring 2020
  • Legal Writing and Research, Fall 2019 

Education History

  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), Penn State University, USA, 2022
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc Mathematics (Honours)], Trent University, Canada, 2007