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History of JSW School of Law

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JSW Law is Bhutan’s only law school established by the Royal Charter on 21st February 2015. In justice, service and wisdom, JSW Law will strive to set the standards and lead the way in education, research, and good practices in the field of law.

21 February 2015 

JSW School of Law Founded 

His Majesty the King has emphasised that to create a just and content society, we must set in place the strong standards of the Rule of Law. Legal education is the foundation and an indispensable and vital component of such a society. Therefore, His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck established Bhutan’s first law school by promulgating the Royal Charter on the auspicious day of the 21st February 2015. The core objective of the law school is to provide legal education, facilitate research in law and related fields, promote cultural enrichment and traditional values. To realise this core objective, the law school is guided by the core values reflected in our motto— “Justice, Service, Wisdom.” These values reflect our aspiration to promote justice, provide services unconditionally to the Tsa-Wa-Sum with the wisdom to promote vibrant democracy, the Rule of Law, and cultural and traditional values to ensure the well-being and happiness of the people and security of the nation.

20 March 2016

First Governing Council Meeting Held

The first meeting of the law school’s Governing Council was convened on Sunday, 20th March 2016, at the Royal Law Project office, Taba, Thimphu. The Hon. President of the Law School, Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck graced the inaugural session of the meeting. The inaugural function began with Zhugdrel and closed with an address by the Honourable President. Among other matters, the Governing Council discussed and approved the Statutes of the law school and the law school¹s Strategic Plan.  

Governing Council Members with Honourable President
His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck

10 May 2016 

Law School Named Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law 

The core values of “Justice, Service, Wisdom” are founded on the qualities of His Majesty the Great Fourth—mirroring the initial “JSW” of His Majesty the King “Jigme Singye Wangchuck.” His Majesty the Fourth King is not only the author of Bhutan’s unique development, “Gross National Happiness”, but He is also the father of Bhutan’s Constitution and Democracy. Thus, we take the name of our school from our Great Fourth. It is His leadership, His excellence, and unshakable reputation that inspired us to name the school “Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law.” As our Nation’s Conscience, it is in His name, we are pledged to uphold our sacred Constitution, and aspire to achieve the goals of Gross National Happiness.

10 May 2016

Founding Dean Appointed 

Sangay Dorjee, who worked as the Projector Director of the Royal Institute of Law (the project office for establishment of Bhutan’s first law school) since 2013 was appointed as the Founding Dean of the Law School by the Honourable President HRH Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck in accordance with the Royal Charter. The Honourable President also appointed Michaeil Peil (who worked as consultant since 2013) as the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs on the same day. 

Sangay Dorjee receiving Dhar (Ceremonial Scarf) from Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck, The Honourable President of JSW Law.
Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck

Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck

1 June 2017 

Honourable President Officially Appointed by His Majesty the King 

Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck, who lead the project for establishment of the Bhutan’s first law school since 2010 was officially appointed as the Founding President of the Law School by His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck through Royal Decree on 1 June 2017. 

3 July 2017

JSW Law Welcomed First Cohort of Students 

The law school opened its door to the historic first class of students (Class of 2022) on 3rd July 2017. This group of 25 students were selected from among 499 applicants and the group was constituted of 13 female and 12 male students. They represented 19 of Bhutan’s 58 Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) and Central Schools (CS).  They went to high school in 12 of the 19 Dzongkhags that have high schools. 

Class of 2022