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Faculty and Staff

Resources, offices and services for JSW faculty and staff

Dean’s Office

The Dean’s office is responsible to oversee matters relating to educational, budgetary and administrative affairs of the institution. The Dean’s office is charged with providing the vision and leadership needed for the school to excel and to advance the institution’s core values, teaching, research and service missions.

The dean’s office consists of the 


Executive secretary to Dean


Academic Council

The council serves as deliberative and advisory bodies for all matters of law school’s policy.

Research Center

Carry out all the research programs, scholarships, and activities under a single umbrella.

Academic Secretariat

The secretariat of the Academic Council manages administrative tasks of the department. 


Serve as the educational and research needs of the JSW Law community.


A world-class legal education.

Faculty Directory

Vibrant group of faculty

Faculty Forum

Activities happenings

Academic Policies

Academic Guides and policies

Registrar’s Office

The Office of the Registrar plays a critical role in ensuring the integrity and quality of the academic programs offered by the law school, as well as supporting students in achieving their academic goals.


Staff directory under Office of the Registrar

Office of the Student Services (OSS)

Food Services

Dining Services and Dining Management System

Student Admissions and Recruitment

Admissions and Recruitment Process

Student ID cards

Avail ID cards for lost or for system integrations

Residential Advisors

Counseling and coordinating activities

Student’s Attendance

Student Attendance Management System

OSS Directory

OSS Staff

Printing Services

Management Quota and Top-up Services

OSS Policies

Residential, Attendance, etc Policies 


Financial forms and Policies

Travel, Expenditures, Loans, etc

Finance Directory

Finance Team

Human Resources

Opportunities in JSW Law

Explore job openings

Human Resource Management

Staff Leave, Biodata, appointment, transfer, promotion, retirement

Capacity Building and Growth

Career Development and Trainings 

Staff Welfare

Staff Well Being Services

Information and Communication Technology

Getting Started

Technology tools and resources to get you started

Service Call Form

Request Services from ICT

ICT Facilities

Explore ICT Facilities in JSW Law

ICT Directory

ICT Team of Professionals

Essential JSW Law Software

Get software for your office computer


ICT Policies and Guides

PR and Media

Brand Guides and Identity

Institute Identity and standards of brands


Guidelines and Policies

Site and Social Media Updates

Explore Social Media and Sites

PR and Media Directory

Professionals and Staff