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Sonam Tshering

Assistant Dean for the JSW Law Research Canter

Senior Lecturer


Sonam Tshering  is the Senior Lecturer of contracts, procedural, privacy and media laws  at Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law specializing basic contracts, contracts drafting, comparative public contracts, civil and criminal procedural laws, media and privacy laws.   He is also the Assistant Dean, JSW Law Center, Chairperson of Faculty Selection Committee, Taskforce Member of Law School’s Climate Change and Environment, and a Project Manager of Projects . Sonam also writes a weekly legal op-ed, Kuensel, Bhutan’s oldest and largest newspaper since 2019 producing over 150 articles. 

Prior to joining the JSW Law in the fall of 2017, Sonam served as a Parliamentary Committee Secretary of the Good Governance Committee of the National Assembly and Public Accounts Committee, Parliament of Bhutan and also as Legislative Officer at the National Assembly Secretariat.  He also worked as Assistant Legal Officer and legal advisor in the Bhutan Narcotic Control Authority and Narcotic Control Board as well as Tobacco Control Board, Royal Government of Bhutan for over six years. For his contribution, he received the Regional Director’s award during the World No Tobacco Day in 2012, Southeast Asia Regional Organization, World Health Organization. He began his career as Trainee Reporter with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation, Bhutan only National Broadcast Organization. He received the First Media Fellowship Award, Center for Science and Environment, an NGO based in New Delhi in 2009. 

Sonam is a graduate of George Washing University (LL.M)  (‘18), Bharati Vidypeety Deemed University (LL.B. (’16), Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (“09) .and University of Delhi (Bsc.) (‘04)

Areas of Interest

  • Commercial Contracts 
  • Contracts Drafting 
  • Litigation and conflict management 
  • Dispute Resolution: Negotiation
  • Media and mass communication laws 
  • Privacy and digital laws 
  • Constitutional Laws 
  • Election Laws 
  • Environmental Laws 
  • Arbitration laws 
  • Mediation laws 


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  • Contracts Laws.  
  • Civil and Criminal Procedural Laws. 
  • Comparative Public Contracts.   
  • Privacy and Media Laws.  

Education History

  • LL.M. George Washington School of Law, 2018
  • LL. B New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, 2016 
  • PGDNL (Post Graduate Diploma in National Law, Royal Institute of Management, 2009. 
  • Bsc. Sherubtse College, University of Delhi, 2007