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Kesang Wangmo

Adjunct Faculty


Kesang is a national taskforce member for – ‘Higher Education Reform in Bhutan’ and ‘Bhutan Qualifications Framework’ under Ministry of Education. 

She is also currently serving as a committee member for principles and guidelines committee under International Association of Law Schools (IALS). 

Prior to joining the JSW faculty in Februrary of 2017, Kesang has interned at the High Court of Bhutan, Thimphu Thromde (Municipality office), and Bhutan Travel Club. 

Kesang is a graduate of ILS law college, Pune University (LL.B. (2015), PGDNL (Law diploma) (2016) and Sydney law school, and University of Sydney (LL.M. (2018).

Kesang is the author of  Rule of Law, A Comparative Analysis of Rule of Law in Australia and Bhutan (2018), How a corruption-free society enjoys happiness rooted in the Environment, (2018), Environmental ethics and animal welfare law and policy (source book, 2022) ( co-authored with Hendrik Visser).

Areas of Interest

  • Administrative law
  • Animal welfare law and policy
  • Well-being in law
  • International Investment law/ International tribunals



  • Administrative law, anti-corruption and procurement 
  • Professional responsibility and ethics
  • Environmental ethics and animal welfare law and policy 
  • GNH and law

Education History

  • LL.M. Sydney law school, University of Sydney, 2018.
  • PGDNL Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan, 2016.
  • LL.B. ILS law college, Pune University, 2015.