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Climate Justice for Happiness: JSW Law Launches Climate Change and Environmental Law Centre with Inaugural Paro Forum

To celebrate the 43rd Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King, JSW School of Law
(JSW Law) hosted a three-day Inaugural Paro Forum: Climate Justice for Happiness starting 22 – 24
February 2023 at Pangbisa, Paro. More than 130 participants, climate leaders, and stakeholders from around the world gathered to share knowledge and best experiences in effectively addressing the rising impacts of climate change. This Inaugural Paro Forum marked the launch of JSW Law’s Climate Change &
Environmental Law Centre, an initiative that leverages Bhutan’s unique position and
experience as one of the only carbon negative countries in the world.

The opening ceremony of the conference

The Forum which will be hosted every two years will provide the platform to help develop connections,
facilitate communication and promote collaboration amongst the climate actors.
The Paro Forum focused on key themes, including economic and governance issues,
community actions, and impact, showcasing Bhutan’s experience as a country that pays
careful attention to environmental issues when planning all aspects of development.

The Forum discussed the intersection of science, humanities, philanthropy, and climate change to the complexities of governance, law, politics and climate change. Collaborative ideas and actionable next steps will be captured in the Paro Forum White Paper.

Her Royal Highness with conference attendees and guests

The opening ceremony of the conference was graced by the Honourable President of
JSW Law, Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck. A total of 39
experts and speakers coming from interdisciplinary backgrounds discussed various
topics related to climate change, facilitated by enthusiastic moderators.

At the launch of Climate Change and Environmental Law Centre

The launch of the Climate Change and Environmental Law Centre marked JSW law’s
major step towards supporting the global efforts in addressing the urgent threat of
climate change. The Centre will through the strategies of connection, communication,
and collaboration serve as a hub for excellence in education, research, advocacy and
services relating to matters concerning climate change and environmental laws and
policies. The Forum marked the launch of the Centre’s Strategy Paper 2023-2030 that outlines its
mission, strategic goals, objectives and key programs and activities with a vision for a
just, compassionate and sustainable world for all.

Her Royal Highness with the speakers and moderators of the conference