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JSW Law Hosts Workshop on Bhutanese Criminal Law

April 17, 2024 – JSW Law is hosting a three-day workshop on “Principles of Criminal Law: A Treatise on the Penal Code of Bhutan” starting today. The workshop aims to gather feedback and input on the Draft Book on the Penal Code of Bhutan. Participants include members of the Bhutanese legal fraternity, such as judges, prosecutors, private lawyers, academics, and Members of Parliament.

The opening ceremony, graced by the Dean, Dasho Sangay Dorjee, set the stage for three days of intense discourse and knowledge exchange. Participants will delve into select topics from the manuscript and contribute their insights to further refine the work. Dean Dasho Sangay Dorjee said, “We are thrilled to organize this workshop, marking a significant milestone in the development of legal scholarship in Bhutan.”

This book is the first of its kind and aims to provide a detailed commentary on each provision in the Penal Code of Bhutan, comparing it to its origin, the U.S. Model Penal Code. The authors dissect each provision, identify inconsistencies, gaps, and ambiguities, and suggest options to address these issues in the law. This draft book provides a thorough analysis of criminal law principles and their application in the Bhutanese context. Drawing insights from both local and international perspectives, the authors seek to enhance understanding and contribute to the development of Bhutanese criminal law.

Over the three-day workshop, participants will engage in presentations and discussions covering various aspects of criminal law, including elements of crime, homicide, assault and battery, sexual offenses, inchoate crimes, criminal defenses, and sentencing. The authors of this book are Professors Stanley Yeo, Wing Cheong, Neil Morgan, Michael Hor, and Dema Lham.

This book writing project and workshop are supported with funding from The Asia Foundation (TAF) and the National University of Singapore.