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Postgraduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL) Program

PGDNL Program was previously offered by Bhutan National Legal Institute in collaboration with Royal Institute of Management (RIM) in Simtokha. However, after discontinuation of the Program at RIM, a series of meetings were held among the Bar Council of Bhutan, the Bhutan National Legal Institute, JSW School of Law, the Judiciary, and the Royal Civil Service Commission. After these series of meetings, it was agreed that this Program will be offered at and by JSW Law starting from August 2023.  

JSW Law has agreed to takeover the Program with the objective of helping the law graduates (who studied outside Bhutan) qualify for practice of law in Bhutan, by grounding them with the knowledge of Bhutanese laws, and by providing skills necessary to understand and interpret the laws and practise pleading and conveyancing in the language of the court.

Curriculum Structure

Semester I – AutumnSemester II – Spring
Ngag-doen (Dzongkha Vocabulary)
(12 Credit)
Nyen-ngag (Dzongkha Poetry) 
(12 Credit)
Sumtag (Dzongkha Grammar)
(12 credit)
Tsed-Ma (Buddhist Logic and Debate) 
(12 Credit)
Legal Drafting–Correspondence, Conveyances & Pleadings (in Dzongkha) 
(12 Credit)
Civil & Criminal Procedure Course  
(12 credit)
LAW311 Evidence Law
(12 credit)
Constitutional Law II (Bhutanese Constitutional Law)
(12 Credit)
Family Law 
(12 Credit)
Property Law  
(12 credit)

Fee structure:

The following is the proposed fee structure for a two-semester PGDNL Program:

  • Tuition fee: Nu. 103000/program
  • Accommodation: Nu. 1000/month
  • Mess: Nu. 3500/month

Admissions Requirement:

CategoryMin. Entrance Requirements / Eligibility Criteria
Law Degree RequirementThe student must have completed his/her first law degree from outside Bhutan (as evidenced by degree certificate/provisional certificate/any other documents issued by the host institution certifying the completion of the law degree)
BHSEC RequirementStudents must have completed BHSEC 
– BHSEC Class XII pass
– 60% in Dzongkha*
Bhutanese Students who have not completed BHSEC but have completed an equivalent secondary educationMust have a pass on an equivalent secondary education certificate to BHSEC60% marks in a Dzongkha Test conducted by the Law School (modelled on BHSEC) or an equivalent score endorsed by the Law School. 

* Note: Students who do not meet the 60% Dzongkha requirement must undergo a two-week Bridging Dzongkha Language Course of 12 credits. Students must pass the course to be eligible to pursue PDGNL Program. 

*Fees for bridging course will apply as follows:

  • Tuition fee: Nu.10300/-
  • Mess fee: Nu.1750/-
  • Accommodation: Nu.500/-

Slots: Maximum of 40 students selected based on first come first basis.

Registration period: Registration will remain open from 15-30 June 2023. 

Application Fee: Your application will be complete only on the payment of Nu.500 (non-refundable) application fee.

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