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National Conference on Public Contracts

The three-day first-ever National Conference on Public Contracts organized by JSW Law in commemoration of the 42nd Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King concluded this afternoon with the award of certificates to the Keynote Speakers, participants and student volunteers.

The conference featured twelve sessions of which ten were technical. The participants comprising academic scholars, practitioners, international experts, judges, lawyers and public officials presented on principles of public procurement to case studies, reports contracting management to the drafting of public contracts to experiences of public contracts in the EU, United States and other countries to green public procurement to e-waste management to dispute mechanisms, the importance of research and study in public procurement to challenges and difficulties in public procurement. Many participants also proposed numerous recommendations and possible models to address the problems and issues in public procurement.

This is a first of its kind and this conference endeavors to organize similar conferences in future with a focus on special areas of public procurement such as contract management, corruption and public procurement, public procurement and infrastructure development. The conference initially planned in person was moved to hybrid and later moved fully virtual.